Betray or not…

These days I really not I am, very different from the past, maybe the classes is boring, maybe I don’t like the textbooks, maybe I don’t want to attend the classes… 

1.There are 12 classes in a week, some day I’m very busy, terribly, some day I couldn’t go to the dorm. Always feeling tired. Maybe I’m feeling better later…

2.Too mauy optional courses, and no book, not really no book, you have to buy out of school yourself or borrow from other students. That’s too difficult, just like a war everyone has joined, the winner will be the faster… And some books are fairly dear, I don’t think it’s a good way for us to buy the optional courses’ textbooks. This days, you could see many ads in the school… I must experienced this…          

My Advertisement:Looking for old books… 

  • 《国际市场营销学》,甘碧群主编,高等教育出版社
  • 《国际税收学》,上海财经大学出版社
  • 《系统工程理论方法与应用》,汪应洛主编,高等教育出版社
  • 《保险学》,胡炳志主编,中国金融出版社
  • 《中国对外贸易概论》,对外经济贸易大学出版社

3.Betray or not… In the metro, I saw some one really attract me, oh, maybe the ideal person in my heart, I can’t control my eyes & thoughts. We never said a word… If  that’s my lover… oh, the life is cruel, some people only could be seen and never could be getted, I konw this…   Betray or not, to love is not as to like… Just a good memory…

4.You could choose a partner in the BEC speaking test, how absurb!  

If you pay RMB 50 yuan for the fee to the BISU and could choose the speaking test partner that’s too unfair.               


一个资格考试,一个权威机构…… 做什么要自己负责任,不应光为了钱,不然名声丑了是无法挽回的,最终会使BEC商务英语考试的权威性大降低……                    


These two parts are cited from Belem who is a genius in my heart. And actually I don’t konw where the "parts" come from…                        Part1                                                                                                                                                                                                 看中国南北各个省份,很多省很有自己鲜明的个性。

Part2                                                                                                                                                                                                 但是如果在乱世,江苏人就得靠边站,


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  1. 可能是因为刚开学把 过段时间就适应拉 
    十一去哪玩呀 呵呵
    唉 有时候要积极主动大方一点嘛 下次再有这种“艳遇”可以问人家要手机号的嘛


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