About a few light music…

I found a music that I’ve looked for for a long time. The light music called "CHARIOTS OF FIRE", now I finally recognized.  I still remember the first time I listened to the perfect light music, I was a little boy at that time. And now I still a little boy in my heart… The rhythm will never be forgotten, and also the memory of the youth.

The wind is also strong as yesterday, colder and colder, although sunny out side. I can breathe freely, that’s the best thing. Ill with my nose, just as a nightmare, the North has saved my now. Free is without price, I believe it.

And the "Through the Arbor", which is sometimes broadcast on the air, I love it. The first time I heared was at 24:00 on some day, the time of 24:00 is always silent and quiet, I wander if I could live in the time of this point forever… forever…

Light music— the last is "The dream of the dolphin", I best love the words of the last part——

The Dream Of The Dolphin

In Ever Colour There’s The Light
In Ever Stone Sleeps A Crystal
Remember The Shaman,When He Used To Say:
"Man Is The Dream Of The Dolphin?"

(Dedicated To My Beloved Wife Sandra)

The background music of my BLOG is changed, the former is the theme song of  The Terminator3 , and now the song is become "The dream of the dolphin".

May you like it…

P.S :The IE7.0 is becoming popular, you could update your internet explorer if your IE is version6.0(IE6.0), as far as I’m concern the IE7.0 is much better… 

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