The Study is going to go on…

The vacation is ending, and during the 3 days I didn’t do much things except a new discourse about China’s Foreign Trade. The total characters were 5000 approximately. How heavy! How tired…

Learning French is stopped, and also the class of customs declarant. But what makes I disappointed was that I didn’t have a good preparation for the coming exam of some optinal courses. Maybe I will get the low point.

Time is limited, I must hurry, from then on…

Some discourses are finished, the rest is handing to the teacher, maybe I could have a relief, but what a  pity, the exam is over my head. Nervous?

New year, new life, hurry up!

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One thought on “The Study is going to go on…”

  1. 你可以向高年级的同学请教考试内容的,一般的老师都会考相同的重点的,但老师也有自己的风格的,呵呵,看你都把大学成绩看的那么重要,但也是敲门砖呀


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