Happy Spring Festival

This night is the great Spring Festival! I hope everyone can have a good and happy life in the Chinese new year.
Maybe this moment, in my home town Taoyuan, everybody is laughing and happy, the atomsphere is prosperous. Unfortunely,I have the time to write my BLOG in Changde alone. This is my true feeling…
In the Tv, the CCTV’s Spring Festival Show is also boring every year. I don’t like the essay of the North culture, the hating presenters, the shows which contain so many political things. Some saying in this show is just like a joke, what’s more, the shit!
In this coming new year, I have to do a lot of things in Beijing. The notebook, the camera, the printer, the mouse and its pad… also, a lot about studying and learning how to be a man, a social man.
Wish everyone in this coming new year have a good mood everyday.

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One thought on “Happy Spring Festival”

  1. Happy New Year! Oh, it seems that ur carzy at English now. Definetely, that’s good for u. Aha, we share the same feelings about that show, anyway, it’s one important part of our Spring Festival.
    It’s a pity that we don’t have time to get together. I’m eager to see matured u guys.
    Best wishes for u!
    PS.My hometome is taoyuan too…


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