Swim in the Information

In order to find the information of  application of BEC,these days I wasted my time swimming in the information sea! 
Much information from a lot of websites is very old,and I feel tired…
Yesterday I went to a web HTTP://WWW.BEIWAIONLINE.COM ,which offered on-line application,but the  Beijing Foreign Studies University is far far from our school, oh my God! I will have been in the bus for 2 hours… 
What makes me feel annoy is the Department of Foreign Language of Beijing International Studies University, no one is in the office, no one get my call…
Today I also swim… And I find the official website of BEC. It offers the lastest phone number. At last I got the right number of BISU, a woman said I could submit the applicaton in 3-20,september, meanwhile,RMB 440, etc…
This a processing & a lesson, do everything like this, you must rely on yourself, and think yourself, and find the key to the door.
I will study hard, to pass the BEC vantage, which provide me with more opportunities.

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One thought on “Swim in the Information”

  1. 牛牛真的是个很有想法也很有出息的人呢,^_^


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