Regretful,Annoying II

Regretful: Become the chief of the section which belongs to the Student Union of Econony College. This day s I have to attend some waste-time & boring meeting. I want to do sth out school and enjoy my leisure time, but they could decide the time conflict with me, and I should return to school to join them… Shit!
Annoying: Some members of our section are not warm-hearted, and now I really realise this, if they could not get the credits though some activities, the don’t "help" you, and they don’t want be your member… What they have said during the recruitment is shit! Human are selfish.
And some other things, I don’t think these just as the challenge, because that won’t help me grow up. Chinese colleges are all like the same, most are black and their systems are not effective. Terrible! What could I learn from school.
Free is more important than life!

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One thought on “Regretful,Annoying II”

  1. When you grow up,you will fall across many struggle.There are many ugly things ,you do not like ,but you must adapt them .  我英语给老师好长时间了,见笑了,有不对的给我指出来


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